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Algorithms and Data Structures Capstone


Building a fully-fledged algorithm to assemble genomes from DNA fragments on a real dataset is an enormous challenge with major demand in the multi-billion dollar biotech industry.

In this capstone project, we will take the training wheels off and let you design your own optimized software program for genome sequencing.

This big data challenge will cover the entire MicroMasters® program. After a brief introduction to the steps required to build a genome assembler, we will let you take steps on your own to start working with real data taken from a sequencing machine and see if you can design genome assembly software that can compete with popular software used in hundreds of sequencing labs around the world every day.


  • Basic knowledge of at least one programming language
  • Basic knowledge of common programming concepts, including loops, arrays, stacks, and recursion
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics, including proof by induction and proof by contradiction

Course Format

This course is self-paced, containing assignments without due dates. You can progress through the course at your own speed.

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